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Pawcket Taste Tester Box

Pawcket Taste Tester Box

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Product Details

Embark on a flavour journey with our Pawcket Taste Tester Box, designed to delight discerning cats and dogs alike. This specially curated collection features each of our signature freeze-dried flavors, allowing your pet to sample the best of what we have to offer. Every treat is crafted from high-quality, human-grade pet food, ensuring a delicious and nutritious experience.

Inside the Box

Pawcket Freeze-Dried Delights - Full Size:

  • 1 × Lamb Heart (80g): A natural bite-sized pet treat to support heart health
  • 1 × Chicken Neck (80g): Crunchy and tasty, these treats promote dental health while satisfying your pet's natural chewing instinct
  • 1 × Chicken Breast (80g): Lean and packed with protein, these treats help maintain muscle health and overall vitality
  • 1 × Kangaroo (80g): A lean source of protein that’s great for weight management and packed with unique flavour.
  • 1 × Duck Heart (80g): Ideal for pets with food sensitivities, these allergy-friendly treats are rich in essential nutrients and offer a novel protein alternative
  • 1 × Whole Salmon Smolt (30g+): Full of omega-3 fatty acids, this treat enhances coat shine and supports cognitive health.
  • 1 × Finger Salmon (50g): Perfect for snack time, these treats offer a burst of flavour and are ideal for skin and coat health.

New Sampler Addition:

Experience the full range of Pawcket's premium freeze-dried offerings with our new 10g taste tester variants of each flavour. Discover your pet's new favorites with this diverse and tasty selection!

  • Kangaroo Steak 10g
  • Chicken Breast 10g
  • Duck Heart 10g
  • Chicken Neck 10g
  • Lamb Heart 10g
  • Finger Salmon 10g
  • Prawn 1 piece

Pawcket's Quality Promise

  • Freeze-Dried Nutrients: Preserving essential nutrients for optimal health.
  • Human-Grade Quality: Natural, top-tier ingredients with no preservatives, fillers or artificial colours.
  • 100% Australian: Proudly made in Australia with local, premium ingredients.
  • Certified Safety: Produced in a HACCP-certified facility for guaranteed safety.
  • Perfect for Dogs and Cats: Delighting both feline and canine taste buds with every bite.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My kitty loves all treats

Thank you! We're so happy your kitty is enjoying our treats. Can't wait to keep making snack time fun for your little one!

Great dog treats!

Both my dog and our neighbour's dog absolutely love this well-packaged treat box. It's a clear favourite in the neighbourhood!

Thanks for making us a part of your furry neighbourhood's happy moments!

Loved the Christmas Treat Box!

Got the Christmas Treat Box for my Siberian cat, Tiger. It was a hit, especially since she's into wet food, and these treats rehydrate super quickly, especially the chicken bites. Love the variety, perfect for finding her faves. Definitely coming back for more! 🐱

Really happy to hear Tiger loved our Christmas Box and the quick-rehydrate treats! Thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing you both again.

Perfect gift for my girl!!

Just grabbed the Christmas Treat Box for my British Shorthair and wow, it's been awesome! She's usually picky with treats, but she totally loves this box. Her favorite? The chicken breast treats - they're just spot on for her. They seem super high quality, which is great. And the box? Adorable with its holiday theme. Really loving this! 🐱🎄🍗😊👍

Thanks so much for your review! Super happy your girl loves our Christmas Indulgence Box. Happy holidays to you and your baby girl!